Channel Strategy & Management

Design the optimal multichannel go-to-market strategy for your business and build the organization, programs and analytics capabilities you need to accelerate profitable growth.


Challenges we solve

Optimize market coverage

What routes to market are needed to reach your target customers? What roles should traditional and emerging digital channel partners play in your go-to-market strategy? How do you prepare the right channel capacity and capabilities to execute?

Drive channel productivity

How should you price your offerings for sustainable growth across sales channels? How can you motivate partner investment and reward loyalty? What steps should you take to mitigate online and offline channel conflict and combat margin compression?

Improve channel experiences

How should you structure your organization and processes to foster collaboration, streamline partner engagement and improve sales channel efficiencies? How can you capture the voice of your channel to drive innovation and best-in-class experiences?

Find untapped opportunities

Where are the opportunities to boost growth in your sales channels? Are your partners performing up to their potential? How can you use data and advanced analytics to make performance drivers visible and empower channel managers to make decisions?


ZS’s approach

We take a customer-centric, data-driven approach to solve channel challenges. We design channel strategies outside in by understanding customer needs and channel economics before building solutions that address industry-specific opportunities.

Customer needs and channel preference analysis

Through research, we determine how customers prefer to learn about and purchase your offerings. We identify the best routes to market to engage your customers, then define the required channel capabilities and competencies to meet their needs.

Channel performance diagnostics

We assess how well your channels are positioned to capitalize on future growth. We analyze your channel economics, evaluate partner capabilities in light of industry trends and identify how to improve performance by adopting best practices.

Multichannel go-to-market strategies

Across industries, businesses are transforming to engage customers via a mix of traditional and e-commerce channels, or digital marketplaces. We help you define an optimal channel mix and implement the processes and programs to drive growth.

Channel design and capacity planning

To help execute your go-to-market strategy, we create blueprints that define channel roles and responsibilities, as well as ideal channel participants. We develop planning models to quantify the channel capacity required to optimize market coverage.

Channel pricing and programs

We help our clients determine how to price their offerings profitably when selling through indirect channels. We develop programs to motivate and reward channel partner performance, behavior, investment in new capabilities and demonstrated loyalty.

Channel organization design and playbooks

For indirect channels, we design channel sales, marketing and operations functions with detailed roles and responsibilities, competencies and performance metrics. We package these channel and partner management best practices in playbooks.

Channel data management and analytics

Successful channel management requires visibility of channel performance drivers and growth opportunities. We build best-in-class channel data management solutions that support advanced analytics to help optimize allocation of channel investments.