Digital Product, Solution & Platform Development

Develop and scale digital products, solutions and platforms that transform last-mile experiences and revolutionize the way you do business.


Challenges we solve

Knowing what matters to customers

To create relevant and engaging products, you’ll need to gather evidence and assess the challenge before developing a plan. We’ll help you frame the problem to solve from all angles—your customers, the business, technology, data and insights.

Designing for experiences and insights

Once you understand the customer, how can you use the right technology and AI to link into a connected data ecosystem? These connections give you data and analytic insights to uncover new ways to innovate.

Faster time to market

Businesss leaders tell us they can’t develop digital products fast enough, so we focus on easy-to-scale, modular solutions that are fast and flexible. This way, you can move quickly but still adapt as market and business needs evolve.

Shifting from silos to a product mindset

Digital-native companies are born with product-centric approaches to delivery, but few have that legacy. We’ll help you move to a digital operating model that makes sense for your product portfolio and the business it serves.


ZS’s approach

We deliver tailor-made solutions that are human-centric, intelligent and flexible. Our knowledge of industry, design, technology, data, AI and digital platforms allow us to deliver rapidly and at scale.

Process and experience design

Every customer experience is the result of end-to-end design thinking. We’ll help you think through it all, from re-imagining your business processes to delivering experiential design.

Product engineering

How should product engineering and management teams evolve their skills? We’ll show how agile processes and systems can help your organization work more efficiently and scale solutions to drive impact. 

Enterprise integration

Beneath the surface of what any end-user sees is an ecosystem of intelligent systems that communicate seamlessly. We’ll help you connect these systems so that you can hyper-personalize user experiences, automate tasks—and even suggest next actions.

Digital design center

From ideas to prototypes to innovation at scale, our digital design center accelerates the design process with minimal investment. It’s an immersive, collaborative approach with a focus on concept validation through primary and secondary research.