Supply Chain Design & Planning

Do you want to create a resilient and connected supply chain that takes advantage of advanced decision science? Learn how you can use integrated information, from all sources across the value chain, while applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to develop the supply chain your company needs.


Challenges we solve

Design resilient supply chains

To address structural and non-structural disruptions in upstream and downstream supply chains, we assess and reengineer global supply networks through the rapid generation of end-to-end visibility and comprehensive scenario analyses.

Connect planning across functions

A single source of truth can foster accountability across the organization through data connectivity, insights generation, integrated business planning and process transformation.

Optimize product and fund flows

Optimized commercial and clinical supply chains can be a competitive advantage as your company aims to maximize reach and respond to existing and emerging market challenges.

Supply chain automation

Automated supply chain planning enables effective and near real-time decision-making, allowing you to focus on the products that require increased attention and human intelligence. 


ZS’s approach

Resilient and sustainable supply chains enable consistent value creation. We’ll help you design a connected, self-healing supply chain focused on automation and decision-making velocity.

AI and ML implementation

From driverless demand forecasting to intelligent supply models, enabling accurate decisions with enhanced visibility is critical. For your supply chain to stay competitive, it’s essential to empower rapid and well-informed decision-making processes.

End-to-end connectivity

Bridging data sets scattered across different systems has always been a challenge for global supply networks. We’ll help you integrate internal and external data to create a resilient supply chain.

Predictive constructs that enable risk mitigation

At the heart of ZS’s approach to optimizing global networks is monitoring key risk and performance indicators to assess, quantify and mitigate risk.

Data-driven rapid decision making

We help leverage internal and external data integration and contextualization capabilities to generate unique insights and intelligence for timely and information-driven decisions.

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