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Meetings Analytics team joins ZS, expanding firm’s data and analytics capabilities

Feb. 22, 2017 | Press Release | 2-minute read

 ZS adds meetings analytics to robust set of solutions for commercial operations 


EVANSTON, Ill. – February 23, 2017 –  Meetings Analytics, a data analytics firm that helps companies implement and improve consolidated meetings management programs, will join ZS, the global sales and marketing firm announced Thursday.


Founded in 2008 by Kimberly Meyer and Peter Matthews, Meetings Analytics offers business intelligence and analytics, data and compliance management, and consulting services focused on helping companies improve their meetings program spending and processes. Meyer and Matthews will lead ZS’s meetings analytics solution area from the firm’s office in Evanston, Illinois.


“ZS has used data and analytics to help companies bring efficiency to their sales and marketing operations and other commercial activities for decades,” said Chris Wright, managing director of ZS. “Kimberly and Peter have used that same data-driven approach to bring transparency to the hundreds of millions of dollars spent annually on corporate meetings programs. This helps companies substantially reduce costs and improve risk management. We’re excited to join forces with the Meetings Analytics team and offer new and innovative solutions for our clients.”

A need for more reliable corporate meetings data

Meetings and events account for more than $120 billion in corporate travel expenditures in the U.S., according to the Meetings Mean Business Coalition. If meetings data isn’t well-managed and used to make good business decisions, it can lead to significant waste and compliance risks. Robust and reliable data and insights -- including information about travel, lodging, commissions and feedback from event participants -- is crucial to helping leaders of corporate meetings programs optimize planning and spending.


“We founded Meetings Analytics because we saw a pressing need for reliable, transparent data that could offer companies more insight into their annual meetings spend,” Meyer said. “By aggregating and analyzing meetings data, we help companies improve compliance and decision-making. Our team is excited to join ZS and use their deep data and analytics expertise. Together, we will broaden our capabilities and offer clients a more robust portfolio of services.”


The Meetings Analytics team will complement ZS’s wide range of business intelligence, cloud, data management, dashboard and analytics services.


“By bringing analytical rigor to an often overlooked area of corporate budgets, Meetings Analytics is revolutionizing how companies assess meetings and events and helping them make better decisions,” Wright said. “Their focus on data and insights is tightly aligned with how we at ZS solve our clients’ business problems. Adding their capabilities to our data analytics services will allow us to expand the ways we help companies optimize spend across their organizations.”

About ZS

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About Meetings Analytics

Meetings Analytics is a boutique consultancy and category leader in helping large corporations drive significant value and improvement in meetings programs through sophisticated and unbiased analytics and process improvement. We enable corporations to drive key initiatives such as compliance and transparency, reduction in spend and related operational cost management, and stronger risk management. To achieve these goals, we specialize in meetings program consulting based on data aggregation, sophisticated reporting and analytics, data integrity management, and effective meetings technology configuration and use. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Meetings Analytics was founded in 2008 and works with some of the world’s largest corporations.

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