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ZS announces ZAIDYN™ platform to accelerate digital strategies in life sciences

Sept. 13, 2021 | Press Release | 2-minute read

The intelligent, cloud-based platform brings together advanced digital capabilities for improved business and patient outcomes.


EVANSTON, Ill., Sept. 14, 2021—Global professional services firm ZS has announced the launch of ZAIDYN by ZS—a platform for life sciences companies of all sizes to digitally transform and scale customer engagement, field performance, analytics and clinical capabilities.


ZAIDYN delivers through intelligent business applications, the power of a self-learning network and a ready-to-use library of algorithms. The platform integrates with existing technology environments via an open, modular, cloud-based architecture featuring business-ready connectors to third-party data sources, business apps and enterprise systems.


“Today, we are announcing ZAIDYN, expanding on more than 35 years of software expertise from our JAVELIN, VERSO and REVO product lines,” said Sanjay Joshi, managing principal and platform lead for ZS. “Built on a common foundation, ZAIDYN allows clients to adopt products, applications, algorithms and data assets in a modular way. It connects well with IT systems, resulting in easier integration, lower cost of operations and global scale. As a life sciences AI platform, ZAIDYN gets smarter over time and increases in value for our clients.”


With ZAIDYN, leaders in business, analytics and technology have more paths to improve the processes that deliver business and patient value. They can:

  • Drive faster and better decision-making with more insightful, dynamic reporting and analytics
  • Create personalized experiences to deepen customer relationships
  • Deploy and guide field teams for more effective support of healthcare markets
  • Spark digital learning for greater speed to value in business model transformation efforts
  • Ready company infrastructure for the future of digital clinical trial design and monitoring

More than 130 companies already use ZS’s products to drive business decisions, and over 100,000 pharmaceutical field reps worldwide use ZS insights to engage their customers.


“ZAIDYN will help our clients navigate the large-scale, disruptive changes we see happening across our industry,” said Pratap Khedkar, CEO of ZS. “Digital platforms for life sciences can help us deliver the experiences customers expect and businesses want. It’s all about using insights from data more effectively to drive better patient outcomes.”


“We’re changing how we support our commercial businesses with the help of ZS and the ZAIDYN platform,” said Andreas Henrich, corporate vice president of IT enterprise data services at Boehringer Ingelheim. “First, we updated and shifted our data and analytics solutions to a global cloud-based solution. Then, we plugged in the customer engagement capabilities we wanted on top. The platform integrates with our existing systems and can handle a lot more down the road as we deliver new customer and patient experiences.”


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