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ZS acquires bioinformatics and systems biology company, Intomics A/S

May 3, 2022 | Press Release |

ZS acquires bioinformatics and systems biology company, Intomics A/S

Evanston, IL – May 4, 2022 – The global professional services firm ZS announced today that it has acquired Danish bioinformatics and systems biology company, Intomics. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2008, Intomics accelerates and optimizes pharmaceutical drug discovery and development by enabling complex analysis of biomedical data. The addition of renowned scientists to the ZS team will strengthen ZS’s focus on the discovery of new medicines for all.


Global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, along with other biomedical research entities, use Intomics’s service and technology offerings to assist in preclinical work, including target discovery, biomarker identification, drug repositioning and patient stratification. As the pharmaceutical industry intensifies its efforts on developing novel drugs, demand for innovative capabilities in discovery and disease biology is growing.


Intomics’s highly curated and best-in-class protein-protein interaction network is condition-agnostic and supports tailored biomedical analysis spanning multiple diseases. Scientists and bioinformaticians use the network to understand disease biology at the pathway and molecular level. This drives novel insights and discoveries and accelerates preclinical activities to ultimately bring new medicines to patients faster.


“Our strategic acquisition of Intomics will allow us to assist our clients in pursuing breakthrough science and innovative medicines that profoundly improve patients’ lives,” said Pratap Khedkar, CEO of ZS. “Combined, our unique mix of deep data, academic and scientific expertise, technology and artificial intelligence will ultimately accelerate drug discovery and improve the probability of success for innovative medicines.”


The 42 members of Intomics will join ZS’s staff of 12,000 employees worldwide and strengthen its team of molecular natives who combine scientific, data science and technology expertise with a research mindset to advance the adoption of in-silico methods in drug discovery. The addition of Intomics expands upon ZS’s existing data and technology offerings to bring further sophistication in leveraging analytics, bioinformatics and applied mathematics to drive business impact for the science of R&D.


“For us, ZS was a natural destination to build on our legacy. Through integration with ZS, we will be able to broaden our impact in drug discovery, increase the scale and use of AI in our client work and operate on a global scale while expanding career opportunities for our team members,” said Thomas S. Jensen, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Intomics. “Our shared roots in academia and shared values, including a commitment to rigor, a deliberative approach and doing right by both our clients and our staff, made ZS a natural fit for us and for our clients,” he continued. 

About ZS

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About Intomics

Intomics was founded by world-leading scientists within the field of bioinformatics and systems biology to accelerate and improve drug discovery and development. We are biologists, bioinformaticians, data scientists and software engineers who share a passion for translating data to cures. And we’ve proudly done so for more than 10 years. We collaborate closely with our clients in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, and we harness the synergy between our clients’ specific disease knowledge and our unique data analytics expertise and technology. Together we make a difference for patients. This is both our trademark and what drives the people of Intomics. 

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