Impact fact

Bimal's broad expertise enables him to bring a unique perspective to both the client side and the delivery side.


Bimal is a business technology capability lead. He provides strategic leadership for all technology work delivered by ZS’s New Delhi office, ensuring that 400-plus people are suitably trained, gain expertise, and service the client in the most appropriate manner. Bimal also leads the capability creation and delivery of work in ZS’s master data management area. He is also a member of the India Leadership Team (ILT), which charts the course for how ZS’s India offices function and operate. As part of the ILT, Bimal leads the creation and launch of a program focused on developing the next set of leaders for ZS India.




Bimal has deep expertise in the technology space and has served several clients in North America and Europe. He spent the first decade of his career in the U.S. working closely with clients on commercial reporting, data warehousing, targeting and call planning, and incentive compensation issues. Bimal has worked extensively in India serving clients on similar issues, in addition to focusing on building a strong team in India. Bimal has been a problem-solver for a range of client and people issues such as estimation, architecture and design, operations, risk mitigation, project staffing and people engagement.



Prior experience

Before joining ZS, Bimal worked briefly as a software developer with the banking industry.




Bimal holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering.