Impact fact

Chris has led ZS’s initiative to deliver top-of-the-line advanced analytics and AI solutions to clients in Japan.


Chris has been working with ZS in Japan for more than a decade. Over that time, he has helped dozens of pharmaceutical companies improve their outreach to customers by better understanding their needs and providing the sales force with the tools they need to be effective in their roles.




Chris has expertise in sales, which includes subjects such as defining the structure and size of the sales force, designing the right incentives to keep the sales force motivated and calculating the right mix of channels and content to deliver maximum impact.


Chris also has expertise in developing technological solutions to empower HQ personnel to make better decisions about their company and to provide sales reps with the support they need to excel in their roles. These tools are powered by AI engines and business intelligence tools. 




Chris has a bachelor’s degree in economics and computer science from Tufts University, and holds a master’s degree in machine learning from Columbia University.