Emiko leads the ZS health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) practice and helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies define their HEOR and market access strategies and execution in Japan.



Emiko specializes in providing consulting services to healthcare companies and organizations in the areas of HEOR and market access. She suggests HEOR evidence set that appropriately address the value of a product or a healthcare service and develops its execution plan. She conducts HEOR studies within the ZS global HEOR team or with the collaboration of practitioners and academia, and communicates the results to the client and the market stakeholders, such as through academic journal publication.


Her clinical nursing experiences in the UK and in Japan, with her major in neuroscience intensive care, is another core competency that helps her conduct HEOR studies, especially systematic literature review and real-world evidence development.



Emiko has HEOR and market access consulting experience in the UK and Japan, where she was involved in various types of HEOR projects with European, Japanese and global coverage. She also has industry experience in Japan, where she worked closely with associations and government officials for policy development.


Prior to joining ZS, Emiko was the founding director of Healthcare to All Co. Ltd., a professional HEOR consulting service that provides support modules tailored to enable market access for pharmaceutical and medical devices companies in Japan.



Emiko completed her MSc. in health economics from the University of York in the UK. She has multiple international diplomas, including in European market access and intensive care nursing, and a BSc. in public health and nursing from Osaka University in Japan.