Impact fact

Jessica helped a client realize more than $300M in top-line revenue and cost efficiencies by driving a cross-functional transformation.


Jessica is the digital transformation and AI practice lead at ZS. She is passionate about innovation and finding value at the intersection of customer needs, AI and technology.


Jessica has nearly 20 years of experience consulting with the pharma and biotech industry, leveraging a foundation built upon creativity and analytics. She collaborates with clients to create solutions that specifically meet their unique needs.


Jessica has helped dozens of the top global pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare companies develop and implement sales and marketing strategies, leverage digital health solutions, effectively use real-world data and better connect technology applications to real business needs across the enterprise. All of her work across the healthcare ecosystem is in service of improving global patient outcomes.

Prior experience

Before her current role, Jessica served as a founding member of ZS’s customer-centric marketing and patient journey innovation teams, led the client service council for ZS and was the client service lead for a top 10 pharma company.


Jessica holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Princeton University.

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