Impact fact

Jitesh designed and set up a large-scale, world-class analytical, technology and reporting capability that helped enable cross-enterprise programs across the industry.


Jitesh is a principal focusing on helping clients solve a broad range of problems through analytical and operational solutions. He also leads ZS’s global business operations capability group, which focuses on client issues related to processes and automation.




Jitesh is adept at helping clients through a variety of problem-solving approaches across a range of issue areas, including commercial, R&D and medical.


Over the last few years, he has helped clients build a road map for key account management and designed a go-to-market decision-making process for international markets. Additionally, he has led the design and execution of innovative solutions in R&D and medical affairs, leveraging cutting-edge analytical techniques like NLP and machine learning.


He has deep expertise in reporting technologies and reporting operations with a strong track record of setting up an operating model to deliver descriptive reports and insights with the highest quality and consistently lower costs.



Prior experience

Jitesh has an additional three years of international experience working in business analytics in the U.S.




Jitesh has a master’s degree in engineering management from University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from University of Pune, India.