Impact fact

Kelly is extremely proud to have helped several large healthcare firms implement large-scale transformations to address changes in the healthcare market.


Kelly is a principal emeritus in ZS’s Evanston, Il., office. She has held multiple leadership roles at ZS including ZS’s transformation services domain as a part of the strategy and transformation practice.  




Kelly has more than 30 years of experience in the life sciences industry. She has worked with large and small companies across a wide variety of sectors.


Since joining ZS in 2000, Kelly has helped companies address a broad range of issues within sales and marketing effectiveness. Kelly has specific expertise in large-scale commercial transformations, helping companies implement the changes needed to shift how they engage with their customers. She has helped multiple organizations rethink their engagement model and then implement the changes throughout the firm.


Kelly was recognized as one of Consulting magazine’s 2013 Women Leaders in Consulting.



Prior experience

Prior to joining ZS, Kelly had 11 years of sales and marketing experience in the life sciences medical device and healthcare industries. She has worked for both very large corporations and small startups in new product development field sales, inside sales and market research. 




Kelly has an MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and a bachelor of science with a focus in molecular biology from Purdue University.



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