Ken is a principal who leads ZS’s business in China. Ken has been focusing on the China healthcare market for over 10 years, serving both multinational and domestic pharmaceutical and medical technology clients on a broad range of issues.



Ken’s expertise is on the China healthcare market, where he oversees more than 50 projects annually covering all stages of product life cycle and therapy areas. Key areas include opportunity assessments and forecasting (particularly for pipeline assets), market access and pricing (particularly for pre-launch pricing and preparation for reimbursement), go-to-market strategy and organization design, field force strategy, resourcing and implementation, and commercial effectiveness (including leveraging new digital/multichannels).



Ken has been working in the healthcare industry for 17 years, including six years in Europe and the past 10 years in China. Before relocating to China, Ken was with ZS in London serving European clients. Ken also worked at an investment bank, focusing on M&A and financing for the biotech and medical technology companies.



Ken received an MBA with distinction from the London Business School, and an M.A. in pharmacology from the University of Cambridge.