Impact fact

Mitsu designs programs with tight-knit collaboration to derive new customer experience models between pharma and HCPs.


Mitsu has worked with over 20 pharma clients through his tenure with ZS to continually evolve sales and marketing capabilities around the world, with a focus on Asia and Pacific regions. In 2022, he relocated to Indianapolis to focus on a major U.S. client.


Mitsu has worked on commercial engagement projects spanning from organizational design to field training. He has experience working on established products as well as leading product launches in neurodegeneration and oncology. In recent years, he helped two of his major clients establish technology-driven omnichannel engagements with a focus on field role transformation and next best action.

Prior experience

Between 2012 to 2018, Mitsu left ZS to work at the Japanese headquarters of a large U.S.-based pharma company, where he worked in various functions including sales, marketing and medical affairs.


Mitsu holds a Bachelor of Engineering in telecommunications from the University of New South Wales. He also studied abroad in Sendai, Japan, at Tohoku University’s department of engineering.