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Pankaj has delivered large programs for multiple healthcare clients and ZS products using technologies such as AI, big data and business intelligence.


Pankaj leads one of ZS’s latest technology client teams, delivering work in the areas of AI, big data and business intelligence supporting programs such as sales enablement, digital marketing automation, patient experience and support, supply chain data infrastructure and systems integration. He also develops new capabilities at ZS and is currently leading the firm’s ZAIDYN™ Field Performance and practices, supporting multiple clients and other ZS practices across research and clinical, manufacturing and supply chain, commercial, payer and provider support, and patient support ecosystems. 


Pankaj is an expert at bringing technology, data/domain and analytics together to deliver outcomes for our clients and industry-leading products for ZS. In his 14 years at ZS, he has delivered complex engagements on BI tools, traditional databases, cloud and distributed computing systems, and platforms such as SFDC. In terms of domain analytics, his focus primarily has been on healthcare and advanced analytics techniques, including statistical methods and NLP. His capabilities in these diverse spaces has helped ZS conceptualize and develop products such as REVO and VERSO. He is an articulate data storyteller and an expert in using advanced and interactive data visualizations to drive business actions. 


Pankaj holds a bachelor’s of technology in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur.