Paresh leads a team of 25-plus revenue managers based out of India and Latin America focused on hospitality clients. He also manages a team with expertise in creating customized analytics tools and solutions.



Paresh has extensive experience in setting up client delivery teams working across locations and delivering services. Recently, he helped set up a team of 25-plus in India and Argentina to deliver revenue management services to a portfolio of 600-plus hotels. He has a prior experience in working on sales and marketing issues for industries across healthcare, travel and transportation, and manufacturing in North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


During his 10-plus years at ZS, he’s helped over 20 companies develop and implement analytics solutions across areas such as revenue management, primary market research, segmentation, forecasting, sales force sizing and incentive compensation.



Prior to ZS, Paresh served as executive of operations at an oil company, where he managed the supply of petroleum products across Central India.



Paresh holds a bachelor’s of technology in civil engineering from the National Institute of Technology in Karnataka, India.