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Pascal helps pharma and biotech clients use omics data and AI to drive innovation in drug discovery.


Pascal is part of ZS Discovery, a science-led team that uses a combination of biological knowledge, deep data experience and AI capabilities to achieve breakthrough discoveries, increase R&D outcomes and accelerate drug discovery. Pascal leads bioinformatics teams driving innovation by designing new and powerful approaches for the discovery of novel drug targets.


Pascal is an expert in in-silico drug discovery, specializing in target discovery and emerging omics technologies. His bioinformatics expertise extends to single-cell omics, human genetics and AI models. He has leveraged this expertise in the development of cutting-edge offerings and data platforms to help clients derive biological insights from omics data. Pascal has experience solving complex research challenges across various therapeutic areas. He is also a prolific writer and researcher and has contributed to several papers.

Prior experience

At Intomics, a Danish bioinformatics and systems biology company acquired by ZS in 2022, Pascal led project delivery management, client relationships and business development. He played a pivotal role in helping clients pursue breakthrough science and innovative medicines to improve patients’ lives. In Pascal’s academic research career, he carried out research in innovative labs at Copenhagen University, Harvard University and Stanford University.


Pascal holds a Ph.D. in bioinformatics from the University of Copenhagen and an M.S. in systems biology from the Technical University of Denmark.

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