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Preeti uses her expertise in scientific research, precision medicine, clinical development, data science and tech to solve complex problems.


As director of scientific excellence at ZS, Preeti helps R&D clients by using her deep subject matter expertise to develop innovative solutions at the cross-section of drug discovery, translational medicine, preclinical research, disease pathways and clinical development. She has led various innovative projects, ranging from patient stratification, AI and ML projects for adoptive cell therapy and drug repurposing to R&D data management and R&D data lakes across multiple pharma and biotech organizations.


Preeti is an R&D and omics leader with an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset and special expertise in solving the most complex scientific, research and clinical development questions. Her experience includes developing 510(k)-compliant medical software and various R&D products and services. She also filed a patent that leverages medical imaging and clinical data using AI and ML to find patients with molecular alterations and explore responders vs. nonresponders.

Prior experience

Before joining ZS, Preeti has played multiple roles including vice president of product development and services, product owner and solution architect across multiple organizations such as Inspirata, Sunquest (now Clinisys), Symphony Teleca (now Harman) and Katra Healthcare (now Kerala Ayurveda). She also practiced medicine and did her residency in radiology with hands-on experience in medical imaging modalities like CT scan, ultrasound and digital radiography.


Preeti holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery from Shivaji University. She is also a trained bioinformatician and has an online genomic data science specialization from Johns Hopkins University. She also has more than 35 certifications in genomics, systems biology, drug discovery, omics data science, large language models, deep learning, imaging algorithms, cloud computing, block chain and software development life cycle.

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