Rachael is a subject matter expert within the ZS patient and consumer health practice and serves as the patient lead for the firm’s oncology vertical. Since joining ZS in April 2016, Rachael has been focused on helping clients benchmark and design best-in-class marketing resources.  



Rachael’s body of work spans from helping teams understand the patient and HCP experience with manufacturer programs to prototyping and testing tools and resources to thinking through partnership strategy and how to operationalize different program elements.



Rachael has over 15 years of experience working on marketing-focused issues. She started her career as a clinical research coordinator for the University of Chicago Medical Center. She also worked for three years at BMS, holding roles on the HCP launch marketing team for Opdivo and within the firm’s patient-focused center of excellence. During this time, she played a lead role in building an award-winning messaging capability, The Universal Patient Language, designed to simplify complex topics for patients based on health literacy principles. 



Rachael holds a B.A. in psychology and sociology from the University of Wisconsin, a master’s in social science from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the University of North Carolina.