Richard joined ZS in 2012. He had broad experience leading a variety of strategy, insights and planning projects within the marketing space and is a leading member of ZS’s value and access team. His work often sits at the intersection of ZS’s different practice areas.



Richard’s projects are often global in nature, and he has experience working in all major and emerging markets. Often these projects require highly implementable solutions, bringing global and local teams together to ensure a smooth process from strategy development through to implementation. He has extensive experience in primary market research.


Richard’s areas of focus include pricing and access strategy, innovative reimbursement models, digital and connected health, and multichannel customer engagement.



Before joining ZS, Richard wrote his master’s dissertation on new mechanisms of HTA in Europe (presented at ISPOR) and completed two internships with GSK’s European medical business operations team.



Richard holds an master’s of philosophy in bioscience enterprise and a B.A. in natural sciences, both from the University of Cambridge.