Impact fact

Songjun is known for having introduced sales force effectiveness within China’s healthcare industry.


Since joining ZS in 1994, Songjun has consulted with more than 60 organizations in the pharmaceuticals, medical products and services, high-tech, finance, insurance and media industries. He has been based in China and has served Asia-based clients since 2004.




Songjun is experienced in go-to-market and channel strategy, customer valuation and segmentation, sales force strategy design, sales force performance evaluation and incentive plan design, and multichannel marketing.


A frequent speaker on sales and marketing strategy topics at professional conferences in China, Songjun is also an adjunct professor at the Chinese Academy of Science.



Prior experience

During his first 10 years at ZS, Songjun was focused on serving clients in North America.




Songjun holds a Ph.D. in management science from the University of Texas at Austin, an MBA from the University of Northern Iowa, and a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Guangxi University in China.