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Yomogi is a strategic partner to 30-plus pharmaceutical and medical technology companies on value, market access, pricing and patient support programs.


Yomogi leads the firm’s value and access practice in Japan, which provides consulting and research on value, market access and pricing. Clients value her highly as a knowledgeable strategic partner. 




Yomogi has deep expertise in Japan and global pricing and reimbursement across the product life cycle and supports clients to develop their market access and pricing strategies across various therapeutic areas for both in-market and pipeline products. She is the co-author of the Japan chapter of The Price of Global Health, a well-known book about global drug pricing and market-access-related topics. The book’s third edition is available through Routledge Publishing.



Prior experience

Prior to focusing on the value and access practice, Yomogi led numerous marketing projects in ZS across various therapeutic areas, including but not limited to oncology, immunologic diseases, central nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, primary care diseases and more. Her expertise also lies in patient-centric marketing, patient support program creation and its value identification.


She is also a highly experienced moderator, conducting more than 600 interviews with physicians, patients, pricing experts and other HCPs to gather detailed insights.




Yomogi holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan.



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