Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph is a reusable, scalable platform that enables organizations to unify all their data, including data sources and databases of every type, to get the answers needed to drive business decisions. As a strategic Stardog partner, ZS helps organizations uncover insights from data for a range of solutions, including operational resilience, pharmaceutical R&D and situational awareness.


ZS partners with Stardog to help companies find the relationships within the data, enabling organizations to better understand customers, resources, solutions and technologies to make fast, intelligent business-critical decisions.


Partnership and value

Life sciences organizations have large amounts of data that they struggle translating into insights. ZS has partnered with Stardog to help clients unlock the full contextual value of their data without the need to move or copy the data elsewhere.

Create a connected network of knowledge

Power your business with a Knowledge Graph to answer complex queries across data silos with a flexible, reusable data layer.

Make your data FAIR

Built on open standards to ensure biomedical digital assets are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR).

Intelligently mine data for insights

Capture the real-world context of your data, uncovering linkages between concepts and complex relationships that can provide a way to make better business decisions.

Accelerate drug discovery

Improve R&D effectiveness and reveal new avenues for drug discovery by unifying data across laboratory information management systems with a Knowledge Graph.