Focus on leading-edge data science innovation (algorithms, AI/ML, computer science, and statistics) to mine big and complex data. Develop predictive and prescriptive algorithms for new use cases.

Design and deliver advanced analytical projects and solutions, identifying performance drivers, solving problems and optimizing for critical business decisions.

Design and deliver strategic planning projects, utilizing unstructured problem-solving skills, customer insights, and strong analytical and communication skills.

Conceptualize and design new business models and organizational capabilities to create a competitive advantage, leading clients through transformational change programs.

Use design thinking to put customers at the center of problems and develop innovative solutions. Drive positive impact through storytelling and creative experiences. 

Design and deliver customer insight projects to inform business decisions. Using deep expertise in either qualitative or quantitative research approaches, unearth actionable insights required to change customer behavior.

Provide insightful business research to inform decision-making. Leverage desk research, benchmarking, and a wide range of industry, sector, geography and market knowledge.