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ZS named a Leader in new life sciences digital services Everest Group PEAK Matrix®

March 18, 2024 | Analyst Report | 2-minute read

ZS named a Leader in new life sciences digital services Everest Group PEAK Matrix®

In the Everest Group Life Sciences Digital Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024, the research firm positioned ZS in the Leader category. The Leader category is the assessment’s highest classification, followed by Major Contenders and Aspirants.

“Along with delivering value and exhibiting success in client engagement, [Leaders] showcase high levels of proactiveness in taking their innovations and next-generation service offerings to clients, thereby positioning themselves as strategic partners,” Everest Group noted.

Everest Group listed four primary strengths that helped propel ZS to the top placement in the Leader category:

  • “ZS demonstrates remarkable expertise across discovery, clinical and commercial functions through proprietary [intellectual property] … and specialized digital solutions.”
  • The firm’s ability to leverage its expansive ecosystem of life sciences specialists, hyperscalers, technology specialists and platform players for joint go-to-market solutions.
  • “Technology proficiency is a strength area for ZS, evident in its specialized AI [center of excellence] and sophisticated technology solutions such as tailored AI for personalized recommendations for [salesforces], and [an AI and ML] model for overcoming [real-world evidence] bias.”
  • “[ZS] boasts extensive thought leadership spanning therapeutic areas, technology and emerging trends in biopharmaceuticals and medical devices, disseminated through articles, webinars, podcasts, e-books, research reports, interactive media and white papers.”

“In recent years, ZS has committed itself again and again to providing innovative digital services solutions to clients across the life cycle,” said ZS principal Mahmood Majeed. “Earning the top placement in the Life Sciences Digital Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024 highlights the value we bring to our clients and their important work.”


Everest Group also noted ZS’s extensive collection of life sciences solutions and partnerships, including:


ZAIDYN by ZS: From R&D to commercialization, ZAIDYN uses AI to help teams make data-driven decisions.


ZS Revelen: R&D teams can use ZS Revelen to integrate omics data with network biology, enabling the discovery of novel, disease-specific molecular relationships. ZS has partnered with to help R&D teams use machine learning to assess, quantify and reduce risk during clinical development and guide pipeline decision-making. ZS and use autonomous manufacturing to help life sciences accelerate product launches and meet sustainability goals.

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