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Recruiting Hints

Working in consulting—is ZS right for you?

ZS is a privately-held firm, managed by our directors and principals. This means public or shareholder expectations do not dictate ZS decisions. Instead, we make decisions based on what we think is best for ZS.

ZS is expertise-based. Our focus is on helping companies develop and deliver products that drive customer value and company results.

Work is project-based. ZSers may work with different clients in a variety of areas over the course of their careers, perhaps focusing on the same client across multiple practice areas or on one practice area across several clients. Consulting requires flexibility and adaptability and offers exposure to multiple project experiences, rather than a set routine.

ZS deals with concrete client issues—ones that must be solved—so you will get immediate client contact. This can create an unpredictable schedule: we go when and where our clients need us.

At ZS, we focus on delivering high-quality work and developing expertise. We have a vested interest in helping each other build expertise within the firm.

In addition to seeking individuals with strong analytical and quantitative skills, we are looking for those who:

  • Enjoy meeting new people and working with others
  • Have a meticulous work ethic
  • Know how to conduct themselves in a high-stakes, professional environment
  • Are ready to try things outside of their established interests or immediate areas of expertise
  • Remain motivated even as difficulties arise
  • Know when to solicit feedback and ask for help

Cover Letter and Resume

Your resume (or CV) is the first thing we see. Make sure to include everything you want us to evaluate about you.

The cover letter should articulate why you’re interested in consulting and ZS in particular, as well as what skills and assets you possess that will help the firm.

Your resume is the best avenue to highlight your skills. Don’t forget any of the following important categories:

  • Education: We don’t require specific academic programs of ZSers, but your performance tells us a lot about your values and work ethic. Be sure to highlight any relevant analysis and synthesis skills.
  • Experience: Make sure to articulate the results of your work as well as your contributions. For students, internships and work-study jobs are valuable indicators of your skills.
  • Leadership Activities: Describe any instances of community involvement, particularly those involving leadership experiences. For students, examples such as cocurricular activities are valuable.
  • Special Skills: Foreign language expertise is an example of a valued skill at ZS. Be sure to include any other unique skills that might be helpful in the workplace.

First-Round or On-Campus Interview

On-campus interviews serve as an initial screening of each candidate. Candidates who are in the workforce participate in the same interview format, just arranged on a case-by-case basis.

First-round interviews are short. We seek evidence of analytic aptitude and superior academic performance.

First-Round Interviews will focus on:

  •  Your academic expertise
  •  How your past experiences relate to a consulting position
  •  Your comfort with interpreting data and recommending next steps
  •  Interest in our work

You will also have time to ask questions of your interviewer. This is your opportunity to request additional information and investigate any aspects of the firm that are unclear to you. Please conduct any basic research prior to the interview.

Final-Round or Office Interview

Your final-round interview will be held in one of the firm's offices, or just off campus in some instances. As you participate in this round of interviews, further consider your fit with the firm.

Be yourself! We operate based on shared values, not an expectation of conformity.

Final-Round Interviews will focus on:

  • General knowledge of business processes and concepts
  •  How your past experiences relate to a consulting position
  •  Your ability to communicate an idea or thought concisely and accurately
  •  How closely your skills and values align with ours
  •  Long-term interest in a consulting career

Making the Decision

Once you receive an offer, you will be invited back for an information day.

This is your final opportunity to gain a more comprehensive understanding of ZS as a firm, the work we do and the people whose teams you may join.

If you cannot attend, but are seriously considering your offer, please ask if another day can be arranged.

If you choose to join us, we want you to be happy and successful at ZS!