Matt W

Business Consulting, Manager

ZS Career Path

Business Consulting Manager (2015-Present)
Business Consultant (2013-2015)
Business Associate Consultant (2012-2013)
Business Associate (2009-2011)
Business Associate Intern (2008)

Why ZS?

I chose ZS because of the people. When I was looking for a summer internship, I considered ZS because a friend had suggested they might be a good fit for me. I really enjoyed the interview process, and the people that I met seemed down-to-earth, smart, and curious. During the summer, I enjoyed the variety of projects, and how much the project work impacted the client on a daily basis. However, I came back full-time for the same reason I took the summer internship—the people here are great.

My Favorite Project

Market Landscape assessments have been my favorite type of project by far. In these projects, we dig deep into a particular therapeutic area to understand the potential for a drug that is in development in the Canadian market. I really enjoy these projects because there is a lot of information to absorb, and our teams get the opportunity to determine how to share the relevant information with the client. These projects also typically work in a few practice areas (forecasting, market research, analytics, etc.), so it adds even more diversity. It's fun to become the local expert in a therapeutic area or an upcoming client brand.

My After-Hours Engagement/Activities

I love doing races that are a challenge just to complete. Typically, this involves running, obstacles, and navigation. Some examples from this year include Tough Mudder, a number of orienteering races, RockstAR (this one is an awesome adventure race), and some others. My wife and I like to prepare for these races by hiking, paddling, and camping when we've got weekends outside of the city.


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  • Education

    BA/BE in Business & Mechanical Engineering, University of Western Ontario

  • Career Path

    >Business Consulting


ZS in One Word

If I were to choose one word to describe ZS' culture, I'd probably hyphenate two words to come up with "relaxed-intensity". I find the culture to be very intense about some things (e.g. delivering good work), yet very relaxed about other things (e.g. highly approachable leadership, no competition amongst colleagues).

My Advice for Potential ZSers

Talk to a number of people in the organization—get to know who we are! Seek out what interests you—find work that you find interesting or challenging.


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