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Business Consultant Manager (2012-Present)
Business Consultant (2010-2012)
Business Associate Consultant (2008-2009)
Business Associate (2005-2008)

Why ZS?

After my Master's degree in chemistry, I was torn—I loved science and problem solving, so was tempted to stay on for a PhD, but also wanted to do something more people-oriented. Consulting seemed like a good balance of these aspects, so I did some homework on the types of industries and clients that various consultancies specialized in. ZS and a couple of others stood out because of their healthcare and life science focus, which suited my own interests and scientific background. When I came to the ZS offices for interview, everything just clicked—the case studies were tough but interesting, the people I met were friendly and enthusiastic, and I was excited about the variety of work that ZS offered. I could easily see myself fitting in alongside these potential new colleagues, so when ZS called me with an offer, I had no hesitation in accepting. Eight years on, that still feels like a great decision!

My Favorite Project

One of the projects I'm proudest of was a commercial organization design for a new affiliate in Australia. A multinational pharmaceutical company had previously sold their products in the country through a distributor, but after acquiring a local biotech for a pipeline asset, they wanted to establish their own presence in preparation to launch the new drug. It was an exciting opportunity to help a client build a new organization and sales model from the ground up, because they really started with a blank sheet of paper. Over the course of 6 months, which included two trips to Australia, we worked with the client to put together a commercial structure and selling model. One year after reacquiring their products from the local distributor, the new affiliate's sales were up by more than 30 percent—a clear indicator of the impact our work had, and an outcome of which I'm very proud.

My After-Hours Engagement/Activities

As a father of young children, most of my time outside the office these days is spent doing "dad stuff"! Other than my family, my out-of-hours passion is sport, especially rugby—I played at college until a back injury forced me to give up, so I turned to refereeing as a way of staying involved in the game, reaching the higher levels of the amateur game in England. If I'm not in the middle of the pitch with a whistle, I'll often be in the stands as a season ticket holder at London Wasps. I also played a little ice hockey at college, and while the same injury put an end to that, I still love to skate whenever I get the opportunity—the outdoor rinks in London are one of the highlights of winter for me.


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    MS in Chemistry, University of Cambridge
    BS in Chemistry, University of Cambridge

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ZS Culture

One of the best ways in which ZSers demonstrate our company values is their collaborative nature and willingness to help each other get the right answer. I've lost count of the number of times I have seen someone pause their own work to help a colleague solve a difficult problem, even if it means leaving the office later themselves. I benefitted from this myself early in my career when I was completely stuck, and the experience of a colleague giving up her evening to help me really taught me what it means to be a good ZSer and to treat people right. I have been the helper many times since then, and I love seeing the people I helped pay it forward to the next generation of ZSers. 

My Advice for Potential ZSers

Above all other things, you have to be passionate about your work. Consultants are famously hard-working, and it's much easier to work hard if you really care about what you're doing. ZS is looking for evidence that you can solve problems, communicate clearly and so on... but what really marks out the great candidates from the good ones is that they have done their homework on who we are and what we do, and are excited about joining our team and starting their first project.



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