Software Product Management Specialist

ZS Career Path

Quality Assurance Lead (2011-Present)
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst (2008-2011)
Quality Assurance Analyst (2006-2008)

Why ZS?

I joined the software group because the people I met during my interview process enjoyed their jobs and liked working with each other. After meeting them, I knew I wanted to be a part of that team. Over six years later, I know I made the right choice. One of the things I like about our software group is that the project managers will try to match your role and work with your interests. We make that effort to make your career here at ZS interesting.

My Favorite Project

I would say that my favorite opportunity at ZS has been the opportunity to travel to our office in Pune, India, and spend several weeks working with my team there. Video conferencing and daily calls certainly help bring cross-office teams together, but working side-by-side helps to bond the team and build relationships. When I am in the U.S., I sometimes have to ask one of our Indian co-workers to stay late for our morning meeting. But when I was in India and I was the one staying late, I realized how much I appreciated the sacrifices our teammates make to deliver quality work. I also enjoy spicy foods, so seeing India first-hand was a life-changing experience.

My After-Hours Engagement/Activities

I enjoy watching Anthony Bourdain and dreaming of a vacation half as interesting as his shows. Last year, I was in Barcelona and wanted to visit a café up the coast that he visited. Google said it was a 30-minute train ride so off I went. As the train moved further from the sea I knew enough Spanish to realize I was on the wrong train. I managed to get back to Barcelona and decided that maybe I should watch Iron Chef instead.



ZS Values

For the company’s 25th anniversary, ZS held a contest to create the best recipe for a beverage. Our software group met one evening and sampled many variations and it was a great bonding experience. If enthusiasm were the key criteria, we would have won.

My Advice for Potential ZSers

It's no secret that you will work very hard here at ZS. Our expectations are pretty high. But it's also no secret that you will learn a great deal here at ZS and have opportunities that may not be available elsewhere. From the beginning, you will be a key member and contributor of your team.


A Week in the Life