Business Consultant

ZS Career Path

Business Consultant (2014-Present)
Business Analytics Associate Consultant (2012-2014)
Business Associate (2009-2012)

Why ZS?

I think that consulting is a very good place to begin your career, especially for undergraduates. I used to work in banking where you develop a very specialized finance skill. Consulting allows you to gain a wider set of skills. You will get many different types of skills that you will need as a business person such as analytic, presentation, communication, training and project management skills.

People at ZS are very nice, intelligent, and humble. ZS has a very open and casual culture compared to most other companies in Tokyo.

My Favorite Project

In the last three and a half years, I have experienced many types of projects. My most memorable project is the one I had when I was an Associate. It was my first time working at a client site. The project was to support their new product before and after its launch. I learned how marketing people decide their positioning, how sales people are trained to promote their new product, and what management needs to do to launch new products.

My After-Hours Engagement/Activities

Playing instruments, particularly the violin, is very important to me and it occupies most of my time outside ZS.


  • Location

    Tokyo, Boston

  • Education

    MA in Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania
    BA in Mathematics, Warburg College

  • Career Path

    >Business Consulting

ZS Values

Two words I would use to describe ZS are humble and fun.

My Advice for Potential ZSers

If you are still in school, learn as much as you can to get ready to learn even more at ZS. Talk to many people. You will find there are "ZS-type people." If you like those people and feel comfortable talking to them, then ZS will be the place for you!


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