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Making an impact with pride.

Pride@ZS is a network for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning) ZSers and allies that promotes diversity and inclusiveness at work and beyond through social events, awareness in our offices and community outreach.

The resource group aims to help the firm recruit, retain and develop LGBTQ ZSers by fostering a supportive and open work environment across the globe. Our welcoming community of LGBTQ ZSers and allies provides mentoring and professional development to Pride@ZS members.

ZSers in Pride@ZS network with each other in monthly meetings to strengthen and advance the growing community. They share ideas for events that can increase activity in local offices, ways to handle issues in the workplace and they identify opportunities for ZS to partner with local LGBTQ-minded nonprofits through ZS Cares.

The active group helps ZS reach out to LGBTQ candidates and welcomes new ZSers to the firm. Pride@ZS also raises awareness of LGBTQ workplace issues at the company and advises ZS leadership on how to make the workplace more inclusive for all ZSers through training, surveys, webinars and campaigns dedicated to LGBTQ causes.

  • ZSers Celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month with Love Walls, Open Dialogue and Office-Wide Festivities By ZS

    Throughout the month of June, in celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month, ZSers came together to work on a very special project. Natalie, an Evanston principal and leader within Pride@ZS, our LGBTQ and ally resource group, helped connect ZS offices around the world with The Love Wall Project—a massive multi-city initiative designed to spread messages of inclusivity and tolerance by confronting the traditional role walls play in our society.

    While walls can divide, restrict and exclude, a love wall does the opposite. It’s a platform for connection, free expression and inclusivity. ZSers contributed their unique interpretations of diversity, messages of tolerance and inspirational quotes. Together, the pieces composed a mosaic, creating a collective image of a global ZS community.

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  • Pride@ZS Empowers Manager Adam to Be His Whole Self at ZS By ZS

    Over the nine years I’ve been at ZS, my work has been focused in the healthcare market research and marketing space. While my client focus has shifted a bit over time, I’ve maintained an affinity for quantitative work in the pipeline space, helping clients identify the opportunity for novel drugs and think about how best to capture that opportunity through brand positioning, messaging strategy and marketing execution. 

    In addition to the work I do and the expertise I’ve developed, I also place an equal amount of value on the people I work with at ZS. With 22 offices on four continents, we’re a diverse group of individuals by nature. Over my time here, I’ve found that we do an amazing job of not only learning about each other, but celebrating what makes us unique. We truly appreciate that our differences make us stronger collectively.

    Our inclusive LGBTQ community—Pride@ZS—is one of the groups that adds to our firm’s collective diversity, and it’s one I’m happy to be part of. I’ve always described myself as “selectively out” at work. While being gay is a part of my identity, it doesn’t define me. I view it as one of many components that make me unique, like my upbringing, my values, my hobbies and my religion. While I’ve always been comfortable telling my ZS friends and teams about it, I’ve been a bit more reserved with other ZSers, making sure that they get to know me, as a person, first.

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  • Fun, Games and Progress in Frankfurt on International Women’s Day By ZS

    ZS’s Frankfurt office celebrated International Women’s Day with a program centered on this year’s theme of #PressforProgress.

    ZSers in Germany used the visions and missions of our Women’s Leadership Initiative and Pride@ZS resource groups as the basis of a role-playing game that aimed to foster a more inclusive environment for people of diverse backgrounds.

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  • Pride@ZS’s TEDx Event Focuses on Gender and LGBTQ Rights By ZS

    Pride@ZS, the firm’s LGBTQ and ally resource group, hosted a TEDx event in ZS’s Evanston office featuring a viewing of All the Little Things by Panti Bliss, a celebrated Irish drag queen and gay rights activist who helped her country become the first to legalize same-sex marriage.

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  • Pride@ZS Went Red for World AIDS Day By ZS

    Pride@ZS, the firm’s LGBTQ and ally resource group, joined people across the world to unite in the fight against HIV, show support for people living with HIV and commemorate those who have passed away from AIDS-related illnesses on World AIDS Day

    ZS offices across the United States and Europe provided red ribbons, the universal symbol for awareness, for ZSers to wear. Pride@ZS also encouraged ZSers to wear red to show their support for the annual global health event.

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