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When choosing a place to work, most people look for a company where they can use their skills and continue to learn. A place where their performance gets rewarded. Where they can reach their full potential.

As a woman, you may have additional considerations: Is this a place where I will be respected? Will I feel supported and connected here? Is this a place where I can stay for the long term? At ZS, the answer is “Absolutely.”

Our unique culture—often described as a caring meritocracy—is built on respect, support, flexibility and connections. These qualities can be especially important to women like you, not only as you begin working but over the course of your entire career.

At ZS, we believe philosophies are better than policies.

Because of this belief, we are able to tailor our approach to an individual’s needs – understanding that no two situations are identical.

This allows us to offer flexible work programs and support that benefits women and all ZSers as they seek to balance their career ambitions and personal lives.

We also believe in the value and impact women bring to our firm.

To enable this, we have put in place a Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI). The WLI at ZS supports women in building successful, long-term consulting careers and fosters an inclusive culture. The WLI empowers ZS women to make a positive impact on our business, our clients, our industries and themselves.

Women's Leadership Initiative Vision

The Women’s Leadership Initiative vision is to support women in building successful careers at ZS.

Women's Leadership Initiative Mission

The mission of the Women’s Leadership Initiative at ZS is to enable professional growth, foster an inclusive working environment and support individual choices.

Professional Growth

ZS is a meritocracy where you earn respect for your expertise and your contributions.

Inclusive Working Environment

At ZS, you can count on formal and informal support throughout your career. Our collaborative way of working fosters connections among our people and clients.

Individual Choices

ZS offers flexibility to accommodate changing career and life priorities for all our people.

Meet ZS Women

At ZS, women have the opportunity to build successful careers. Some of our ZSers, including Women’s Leadership Initiative steering committee members, share why they chose our firm as the place to grow their consulting careers.

“As the cofounder and coleader of the group’s global leadership team, I not only help shape a force that is influential for all women and for our firm as a whole, but I grow myself in the process. On a day-to-day basis, I support other female leaders in the firm and junior women progressing through the organization.” – Judith, a ZS principal in San Francisco


“I’m intensely interested in trying to understand what motivates people to make specific healthcare decisions—for better or for worse. Working at ZS has given me the opportunity to identify ways to help people make smarter decisions about their health, which will result in better health outcomes.” – Hensley, a principal in New York and Women’s Leadership Initiative core team member



“The Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) has helped me connect with so many amazing women leaders across the world in the organization. These are people I do not work with but would not hesitate in reaching out to for advice, thanks to the sense of belonging and community the WLI creates.” – Apoorva, an associate principal in New Delhi and Women’s Leadership Initiative core team member


“Another way ZS has supported me in my career is by allowing me lots of flexibility. When I had my first child five years ago, many ZS leaders, male and female alike, offered their support and embraced a more flexible work schedule for me. I was able to make it very transparent to my colleagues via my work calendar when I was available.” – Eva, an associate principal in Frankfurt and Women’s Leadership Initiative core team member


"Having worked in consulting for the past 20 years, I know when I’ve found a place that’s truly supportive and collaborative. ZS has a spirit of collaboration with no parallel.” – Jeanne, a ZS principal in Princeton


“One project that comes to mind happened a while back when my ZS team and I were helping one pharma company acquire and integrate another one. It was a high-pressure project with an aggressive timeline, but I don’t think I ever stopped laughing during the course of those four months. Our ability to have fun was a big factor in our success.” – Namita, a ZS principal in Philadelphia


“I feel privileged to have had the opportunities that I've had at ZS. My career has evolved into new spaces numerous times, and each evolution has been supported by strong mentorship and guidance.” – Nisha, a ZS principal in Princeton


“More than 11 years later, I choose to stay because it's fun. We do great work, there’s lots of variety, I work with great teams, and we have fun along the way. Having said that, it's also about the way we work: the openness and transparency. I have so much autonomy to do what drives me.” – Roz, an associate principal at ZS in London


“I think that ZS's ability to support individuals in this way comes from their genuine interest in helping people grow and develop. ZS isn’t just interested in doing good for the client; the company also is interested in what I want and supports me as I grow and shape my career.” – Sandra, a ZS principal in Princeton


“The diversity of experience and ideas coming into ZS from all over the world is exciting and extremely valuable. I’ve connected with women in our Japan and India offices and learned about the infrastructure and cultural challenges they face as they balance their work and personal lives. This diversity of opinions and experiences allows us to approach issues from many different angles, which improves outcomes.” – Kelly, the office managing principal in Evanston


Stories from the Women’s Leadership Initiative

  • New Delhi ZS Women Ritu and Vibha Found the Ability to Flex—Professionally, and Beyond By ZS

    Though two women in our New Delhi office, Ritu and Vibha, have had different experiences, their ZS stories are woven together by a few common threads: challenging and diverse work, the ability to grow into new roles and the flexibility to prioritize their personal lives outside of the office. Their experiences highlight just a few of the many ways ZS creates an inclusive and supportive environment for women, as evidenced by our recent recognition as a best workplace for women by two industry rankings. Hear about their ZS journeys below.

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  • ZS Earns “Outstanding Workplace for Women” Recognition in 2019 Women Forward Awards By ZS

    ZS was recently named an “Outstanding Workplace for Women” by the Business Council for Peace (Bpeace) as part of its 2019 Women Forward Awards, which recognize innovative organizations that demonstrate a strong commitment to mentoring women. Out of 45 finalists across a variety of industries and sectors, ZS was selected one of four organizations to receive the top institutional award for actively creating a culture of equal opportunity and helping women advance. 

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  • ZS Moms Share Balance-Boosting Tips By ZS

    Each year, ZS’s Women's Leadership Initiative (WLI) – an affinity group founded on respect, support, flexibility and connections – celebrates Mother’s Day with a firm-favorite tradition: a virtual “show and tell” where ZS moms share pictures of their kids and engage in an honest dialogue about motherhood. In keeping with the global International Women’s Day theme #BalanceforBetter, we asked moms to share how they balance motherhood with their professional careers, along with a few tips they’ve learned along the way.

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  • Celebrating International Women’s Day With 24 Hours of Fantastic Females By ZS

    This year, ZS celebrated International Women’s Day for a whopping 24 hours during a groundbreaking event spearheaded by our Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI). The event featured 24 consecutive hours of live programming across the globe, as local offices hosted interactive sessions covering a variety of topics, from educational discussions about the importance of women and equality in the workplace to fun trivia competitions to thought-provoking sessions centered on this year’s global theme #BalanceforBetter. Female and male ZSers alike were invited to join their local event in-person and live stream other offices’ events throughout the day.

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  • Women’s Leadership Initiative Empowers New Delhi ZSers to Reach Their Highest Potential By ZS

    In September, more than 250 women ZSers from the New Delhi office gathered for a summit hosted by the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), ZS’s affinity group dedicated to supporting women in their careers and fostering an inclusive work environment.

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  • ZSers in London Inspire Local High Schoolers to “Walk in a Consultant’s Shoes” By ZS

    In early 2018, the London office’s Women’s Leadership Initiative identified key aspirations for the office—one of which was to make a meaningful impact within the community through ZS Cares. A local connection led the WLI team to Yes Futures, a school-based charity that creates programming to build confidence, motivation and engagement through educational experiences outside of the classroom.

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  • Evanston Principal Emily Shares Leverage-Boosting Lessons She Learned at Every Level By ZS

    When she graduated college with an accounting degree, Principal Emily already knew she didn’t want to become a certified public accountant. At 21 years old, her career search led her to consulting. Today, more than a decade later, she’s happy it did.

    While her 13-year career path at ZS has been a winding one, marketing and market research have always been constants. She’s worked with pharmaceutical, biotech and some medical products and services clients, eventually shifting her focus from marketing growth and execution to product development.

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  • Fairygodboss Recognizes ZS as a Best Company for Women By ZS

    Fairygodboss, a job and company review site for women by women, has named ZS to its annual list of Best Companies for Women. Our global consulting firm ranks second on the 2018 edition of the “Best Company for Women” list and sixth on the review site’s new “Best CEO for Gender Diversity” list.

    The lists are compiled based on reviews and feedback from employees around topics like overall job satisfaction, equal treatment at work and whether a reviewer would recommend the company to another woman.

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  • ZS Women Balance Two Important Jobs By ZS

    Finding a work-life balance—for any individual—can be tricky. All working mothers experience the competing demands of raising a family while building a career. However, many believe, finding harmony between these two simultaneous jobs at ZS is not only possible, but also tremendously meaningful.

    Pooja, a human resources manager in Pune, believes that being a working mom is the toughest role any woman can play. “There is an ongoing tussle in our minds, either you are being unfair to your child, family when you cannot give them quality time, or you feel you are falling back on your promise to yourself when you decided to pursue a career,” she shares. However, she feels that ZS has made her journey as a mother very comfortable, offering her time off and work from home days during the most critical phase in her son’s education. Her 20-year-old son Vedant, who she says is more like a friend these days, will be attending MIT College in Pune to pursue his Engineering Degree.

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  • ZS Panel at #LEADLIKEAGIRL Conference Focuses on Overcoming Stereotypes By ZS

    At Stuart Country Day School’s second annual #LEADLIKEAGIRL conference, Princeton ZSers once again proudly sponsored and participated in this event for female risk-takers and changemakers.

    This year, the conference brought together over 1,000 girls, women, parents and educators to inspire and support young women interested in STEM, entrepreneurship and leadership. The conference also featured more than 60 events with over 100 guest speakers and recognized young women excelling in STEM and business. Many of the conference’s topics were closely aligned with the mission of the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), our very own group dedicated to advancing the consulting careers of women at ZS.

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