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The ZS Lifestyle

ZS realizes that our employees are juggling work commitments with efforts to create fulfilling personal lives. To help maintain a balance between employees' personal and professional lives, we encourage:

Travel when it Creates Impact with our Clients

In our North American offices, our intelligent-travel philosophy encourages travel to the client site when our presence will add value or help our work. Understanding our clients and interacting with them in their environment often supports our work. Travel varies by industry and project; depending on an individual's situation and the firm's needs, short-term project staffing with less travel can be arranged.

In our European offices, more of the work is international, so significant travel should be expected.

In Asia, our Shanghai and Tokyo offices serve local clients, and our intelligent-travel philosophy also applies.

Our offices in India serve as capability and expertise centers working with global teams, so most travel is to another ZS office to interact with colleagues and clients.

Flexibility to Create Impact in Your Work and Your Life

When it comes to our work, we believe what matters most is the impact we create for our clients (including those inside ZS) and we know that your ability to create that impact depends on work/life balance, especially over the long term of a career. That’s why we believe in flexible work options.*

We also know that every ZSer’s personal priorities are different and that those priorities can shift over time. To support those diverse and changing needs, we base our flexible work practices on principles, not strict policies.

Our global working model and today’s technology give us options to choose when and where we work, but being available for clients and teams remains the priority.

Flexible work options allow for adjustments in:


We offer three types of flexible work arrangements:

  • Ad-Hoc Arrangements:  Occasionally we all need time during work hours to handle personal commitments. For these ad hoc, one-off occurrences, we make arrangements with project managers and teams.
  • Short-Term Flex Arrangements:  Can be agreed to within each project team.  These include limited adjustments in when and where you work, such as shifting a few hours in a day or occasionally working from home, for instance—last up to one quarter.
  • Ongoing Flex Arrangements: Longer-term adjustments in when and where you work and perhaps adjustments in the number of hours you work each week—provide flexibility beyond those parameters. 

We have an intranet site dedicated to describing the Flexible Work options available at ZS. The space also provides best practices and tips and tricks collected from many ZSers who have thrived in flexible work arrangements. In addition, there are senior leaders who have volunteered to be Flexibility Advisors in each region to help guide and mentor people as they consider and implement flexible work arrangements.

* Other specific leave programs covered by local law such as disability and parental leave are addressed by separate programs.