Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Optimizing clinical supply chains to reduce waste

By Surya Dutta

Jan. 18, 2024 | Webinar | 33-minute watch

Optimizing clinical supply chains to reduce waste

The median waste for investigational medicinal products in the clinical supply chain is at a staggering 50%. Lack of timely and accurate demand forecasts, patient attrition and intelligent safety stock planning create high levels of waste for investigational medicinal products, comparator and co-medication products. But end-to-end clinical supply chain optimization innovation efforts can help combat these problems. Data and systems integrations, advanced AI models and enhanced planning processes all can help biopharma companies achieve immense cost and productivity savings and make their clinical supply chains more resilient.


In this webinar, experts from ZS and BMS discuss how to:

  • Use data science models to optimize patient enrollment, patient attrition and safety stock
  • Improve productivity, enable cross-functional collaboration between clinical operations, clinical supply chain and R&D
  • Use a clinical control tower for the end-to-end visibility of finished goods across the supply network

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