This white paper was first published in March 2021 by the Medical Affairs Professional Society and is available here with permission.


Changes in digital engagement, combined with increasing demands on the healthcare industry, bring a pivotal moment for the Field Medical role.


At the MAPS EMEA 2020 Annual Meeting, more than 150 delegates attended a special session that discussed how field medical engagement has evolved as a result of COVID-19. The group, composed of members from different medical affairs organizations, also analyzed the future of talent acquisition. This report shares the key insights from this special session and provides further context from medical affairs colleagues who have first-hand knowledge of the ever-changing field medical role.


The report:

  • Explores the changes and opportunities in customer engagement, focusing on the impact of COVID-19 and digital acceleration.
  • Discusses the field medical role and engagement model evolution.
  • Shares the key skills and capabilities needed for high-quality field medical engagement.
  • Provides context for successfully recruiting, onboarding and retaining talent to support the future engagement model.

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