Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Optimize your omnichannel marketing planning with ZAIDYN™ Promolens and Budget Planner

By Abhishek D. Anand, and Manik Sangal

Dec. 5, 2023 | Demo | 30-minute watch


Companies face a multitude of challenges in today’s ever-evolving healthcare industry, such as identifying the right customer engagement strategies, optimizing future resource allocation and achieving strategic business objectives. Marketing mix modeling, a data-driven scientific approach, has been the industry standard to help solve these complex, multidimensional problems. By carefully analyzing the historical promotional performance and adjusting for future events, companies can plan omnichannel strategies to meet objectives by enhancing their market position, reaching their target audiences and contributing to better healthcare outcomes.


This webinar explores ZAIDYN™ Promolens and Budget Planner, two powerful self-serve applications that accelerate marketing mix modeling and enable you to:

  • Create or enhance your in-house marketing mix analytical capabilities to standardize and bring sophistication to your promotional impact assessment and budget planning process
  • Bring process efficiencies at scale by driving organizational adoption of these self-serve capabilities designed to foster cross-functional collaboration
  • Provide actionable business insights to inform key downstream business decisions around tactical omnichannel promotional planning and execution

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