Omics data is an important resource for biopharmaceutical companies. By providing a comprehensive view of the molecular and cellular processes underlying diseases, multiomics efforts can aid the development of safer and more effective drugs.


However, integrating data from multiple omics studies to render it useable for exploration and analysis remains challenging. The data can come from multiple sources, multiple techniques, multiple labs and multiple organizations. As organizations continue to ramp up their use of multiomics in research, ensuring efficient operations for managing multiomics data will be vital.

Experts from ZS and ONTOFORCE, a global provider of data and knowledge platforms for the life sciences industry, detail how you can optimize your multiomics research.


In the webinar, you can expect to learn:

  • The potential of multiomics data
  • Omics challenges in today’s biopharmaceutical research 
  • How life sciences companies around the world overcome these challenges
  • Which tools do they use to plow through vast amounts of omics data