The landscape of healthcare and biotech evidence generation is constantly changing. Even well-resourced organizations can potentially face formidable challenges throughout the clinical study journey, including complicated patient recruitment, limited participant engagement and aggressive sponsor timelines while meeting increasingly difficult regulatory requisites. These hurdles often hinder robust evidence generation that is essential for shaping commercial and investment decisions. To streamline evidence generation efficiently and improve the probability of commercial success, a comprehensive platform approach is crucial, reducing clinical trial burden and enabling real-world evidence accessibility.


In this on-demand webinar, we delve into the game-changing impact of ZAIDYN™ Digital Evidence, an innovative solution leveraging cutting-edge digital engagement tools to drive validated evidence generation.


We demonstrate how ZAIDYN can help you:

  • Seamlessly enroll qualified participants and equip them with essential digital health solutions for protocol adherence
  • Sustain high participant engagement aligned with study objectives while minimizing site burden
  • Effortlessly capture and validate data from digital devices directly linked to participants, including data management checks at point of entry and aggregation
  • Achieve $400k to $3.5m cost avoidance per study by streamlining data management