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The medical affairs landscape for 2021 and beyond

By Sunil John, Sarah Jarvis, and Shrikkanth Gopalan

Aug. 23, 2021 | Infographic | 2-minute read

The medical affairs landscape for 2021 and beyond

ZS’s 2021 medical affairs outlook report highlighted the new trends and challenges for medical affairs as the healthcare ecosystem moves past the COVID-19 pandemic. To shed some light on that, ZS fielded two industrywide surveys in Q2 of 2021 that included over 100 medical affairs personnel from around 40 global companies—also referred to as internal respondents—and 224 healthcare professionals and key opinion leaders (KOLs) from North America and Europe, also referred to as external respondents. Participants provided their perceptions across several issues, including the pandemic’s impact on interactions, future focus areas for medical affairs, key inputs on strategies to be considered, trainings, new customer types and more. Here are some highlights from the study.

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