Despite huge investments, clinical trials have become increasingly complex—and often, they’re less efficient and effective than they could be. Over the last decade, we have seen the average clinical trial timeline increase by 20%, the patient burden almost double and many trials (80%) fail to meet key milestones.


With the increasing pressures on site performance and patient enrollment, a paradigm shift in study feasibility decision-making is the priority, and trial planning needs to embody a deeply analytical and collaborative solution.


In this webinar, we demonstrate ZAIDYN Study Planning and show how it can help you:

  • Utilize curated global performance data to optimize country, site and investigator selection
  • Forecast enrollment with robust and dynamic data science algorithms
  • Accommodate the end-to-end planning process using proven workflows
  • Configure and scale easily with innovative engagement models

Whether you’re new to our platform or ZAIDYN™ already empowers your organization to do more, everyone is welcome to attend this live demo and Q&A.