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Exploring Career Opportunities at ZS

By Kailah Peters

July 7, 2022 | Article | 3-minute read

Exploring Career Opportunities at ZS

Where passion changes lives

From artists to lawyers, ZS attracts people with unique talents and professional passions to drive world-changing impact for our clients in healthcare and beyond. Because ZSers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, we bring expertise in a broad range of subjects. To maintain our innovative culture, ZS recruits people with diverse educational backgrounds—people such as Felipe Schiavon, a strategy insights and planning associate consultant in our London office.

“I had worked at a law firm for five years,” Felipe says. “But after internships and practicing, I couldn’t see myself as a lawyer anymore. I decided to explore consulting and, fortunately, found ZS through a recruiting event in São Paulo, Brazil.”


With a smile, Felipe recalls family and friends being surprised by his career change. But at ZS, we saw it as a perfect fit. Working as a consultant allows Felipe to use the stakeholder management skills he learned as a lawyer and apply them in new ways. 


“Today, I’m working on a global CRM digital transformation project,” Felipe says. “Although it requires a deep understanding of commercial processes, systems and data integration, this project is all about people and how we interact with the stakeholders involved to find an agreement. This really fits into what I know how to do.”


After working in Latin America, Felipe received an offer to work in the London office after a teammate based there decided to move back to the U.S.. “I wasn’t actively seeking to move,” Felipe says. “I love the São Paulo office, but I was offered this opportunity, and I just couldn’t say no.”


Felipe’s international move happened faster than usual due to the business need. His transfer was approved in less than a month, and he began working with our mobility team to coordinate the move. To support this big life change, ZS handled booking flights, assisted with Felipe’s visa application and provided time-off for him to get settled. “The support provided made this change a lot easier,” Felipe says. “It helped me settle into my ‘new’ life and into the London office.” 


Though he already worked at ZS, Felipe went through ZStart, our new-hire orientation, and was able to connect with ZSers through happy hours and team dinners.

Outside of work, Felipe said he is excited to explore London and the surroundings. “I arrived in the summer, so I guess I was lucky to get the best weather of the year. But it’s still very cloudy! In any case, it’s possible to do a lot. I’m enjoying the outdoors and looking forward to hiking, cycling and scuba diving.”


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