While Aditi and Siddhi have different roles at ZS, they are both members of ZS's Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), an affinity group that supports women in building successful, long-term careers and fosters an inclusive culture. Read more about how these ZSers feel encouraged to speak their minds at work, and how the WLI offers them another community to voice their opinions, concerns and doses of inspiration.


Before joining ZS’s New Delhi office as a consultant in 2015, Aditi worked in the power sector for almost four years after completing her MBA studies. When she joined, she focused on patient-based forecasting for the pharmaceutical industry, but a few years into her ZS career she wanted to try something new and found herself working on customer engagement projects. Today, Aditi leads the sales and field analytics teams at ZS.


“ZS keeps women and men on the same playing field, which creates a culture of growth and opportunity,” said Aditi. “At ZS, you are evaluated based on your merits and capabilities – no matter your gender.”


In addition to the openness and inclusivity that define our culture, ZS offers freedom to choose how to grow your career – and provides the support needed to be successful in your next role. The leadership at ZS is also welcoming of new ideas and willing to listen to any work-related ideas or concerns and find solutions, such as flexible working schedules to help balance your work and personal lives.


The WLI has been a valuable forum to connect with the women of our firm. It’s great having a community of people who understand each other and have similar priorities. The support the WLI provides to women ZSers is priceless – whether that’s listening to each other’s stories, sharing our successes or offering career advice.


Siddhi worked with an online gaming site before joining ZS as an associate in 2008. Over the years, she has focused on quality assurance in ZS’s software development group, where she ensures our ZS products are of utmost quality and meet our customers’ needs. Siddhi was living in Bangalore when she joined ZS and ended up relocating to Pune for the job.


“It was a big decision to move cities for a job,” said Siddhi. “As I moved through the interview process the integrity of the firm and strong culture rooted in our core values – getting it right, treating people right and doing the right thing – made me want to join 10 years ago.”


've seen the many ways ZS supports the women of our firm since I started. Though I personally haven’t leveraged any of the programs, two of my friends are currently on maternity leave. ZS has taken great care of them and made sure projects will be available when they return, which has allowed them to focus on their leave and motherhood with ease. These accommodations can make life a little easier for a new mother, so she doesn’t have to choose between her family and work.


Another friend of mine needed more flexible working hours and ZS accommodated her request. By acknowledging that work-life balance is important, ZS is helping all ZSers be happy and successful both inside and outside of the office. Knowing that women are valued and understood, makes me proud to be a ZSer.


I've always felt encouraged to speak my mind at ZS. Even from the beginning, my opinions have always been welcome and the WLI gives women at ZS another platform to stay connected and ensure their voices are being heard. Through guest speakers, mentorship programs and other WLI events women are encouraged to discuss our personal and professional journeys.


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