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ZS celebrates Black History Month

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Feb. 15, 2021 | Article | 4-minute read

ZS celebrates Black History Month

At ZS, we honor the elements of our identities, personal experiences and belief systems—the ones that comprise us as individuals, shape who we are and make us unique. We celebrate inclusion and the importance of bringing our whole selves to work.


During Black History Month and throughout the year, ZSers reflect on Black history and heritage. To recognize the month, ZSers across North America will gather for various virtual events—to facilitate conversation, bring awareness to specific topics and share perspective— hosted by the Black and Hispanic Alliance (BHA), one of our inclusion and diversity groups.


The BHA works towards a mission to enhance diversity by respectfully challenging thought, encouraging participation and inspiring action. The BHA continues to grow a community of ZSers committed to building awareness of the Black and Hispanic perspective in ways that contribute to ZS’s goals and company culture.

“What I value most about being a BHA member is being able to acknowledge, celebrate and live my authentic life while at work.”

Rosalyn M

“What I value most about being a BHA member is being able to acknowledge, celebrate and live my authentic life while at work,”  says BHA lead Rosalyn M. Read below to hear more from BHA members about what Black History Month means to them, and the value they find in being members of the meaningful group.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Growing up, I attended schools that didn’t focus much on Black history. Apart from stories and information my parents and grandparents shared with me about growing up in the Black Bottom neighborhood of Detroit, I didn’t know much beyond that. When I went to college, I was exposed to more information and took courses to learn more about Black history and about myself as an African American woman in this country. As I’ve watched my children grow, I’ve taken more time to learn more about our history so that I can impart that knowledge and wisdom on my children and future generations. So, Black History Month for me is a time for reflection upon the accomplishments of African Americans in U.S. history; it’s also a time for discussion on how my children not only benefit from those who came before, but their responsibility to build for the future generations to come.

How do you recognize the month?

I spend the month, as well as other times throughout the entire year, in conversation mostly with my children. In years past I have participated in local events or discussions around particular topics generally driven by organizations I am a part of.

What value do you find in being a BHA member?

My race and ethnicity do not define the entirety of me, but they also are not dismissed, denied, or disregarded in accepting who I am here at ZS. Being a part of BHA gives me a voice that I have not had in other places I have worked.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black history month is a time I celebrate my identity, my ethnicity and my culture. To simply put it, I love being Black!

What value do you find in being a BHA member?

Being a BHA member is great because it provides a sense of community. The way this group is approaching some very sensitive topics and addressing them with such energy makes me genuinely proud.

What does Black History Month mean to you? How do you recognize the month?

Black History Month means several things to me, sometimes the meaning shifts based on what is happening in the world around me. This month, I hope to help ZSers learn and recognize the significance of historically Black colleges and universities in our world and tell ZSers about a program I am helping ZS launch to attract top talent from those institutions.

What value do you find in being a BHA member? What is most special or unique to you about being part of this group?

I believe that community is a critical indicator of my quality of life. My life at ZS is enriched because I have established community here – and BHA is one of the communities I claim that make my ZS life a good one. I’m hoping that during Black History Month events, I will have a chance to build a fellowship with ZSers and expand my community even more.

What does Black History Month mean to you? How do you recognize the month?

For me, Black History Month is a time to appreciate my culture, acknowledge the inequalities that those before me overcame, and celebrate the accomplishments of Black individuals across the globe. To celebrate the month, I typically host discussions with my friends around the topic of Black excellence and find ways to acknowledge how the efforts of our Black ancestors have shaped the world that we all live in today.


Thank you to our Black and Hispanic Alliance members around the world for your continued efforts to enhance our ZS culture by educating and informing our community.

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