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ZS in Pune switches to 100% renewable energy

By Mukesh Agarwal, Ryan Madsen, and Laurent Malivert

July 6, 2022 | Article |


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Pune, ZS’s largest office in terms of its people, recently switched to renewable electricity. In recent years ZS offices worldwide, led by the Sustainability@ZS group, have been steadily using more renewable energy sources, including solar, wind and hydropower. By securing renewable energy for the entire office, Pune provided a large boost toward ZS’s goal of achieving at least 80% renewable electricity across our offices by 2025.


ZS’s Pune office comprises 25% of ZS’s electricity consumption and contributes 40% of its worldwide carbon emissions from electricity. This accomplishment saves ZS 1,170 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorption capability of about 50,000 trees in a year. ZSers have already been hard at work planting trees and combined with those efforts, using renewable energy resources will help further improve air quality in the Pune area and contribute to a decline in diseases caused by air pollution.


While this is a big step forward, ZS offices worldwide continue their efforts to further the cause of renewable and green energy. In addition to renewable electricity, the Pune office is piloting an employee commuting taxi system that leverages electric vehicles with on-site charging stations, and is working on introducing more sustainable stationary in the office. ZS’s New Delhi office is the next frontier for sustainable power and is exploring the possibility of installing solar panels to supply 20% to 40% of the office’s electricity needs directly, with the remainder paid for in renewable energy credits.


While some of ZS’s largest offices in Europe and North America, such as London and Evanston, are already fully ramped up to 100% renewable energy, other offices are on partial renewable energy adoption or still using traditional energy. To address this, the Sustainability@ZS group has been meeting with office managers and local green teams to explore the possibilities to transition them toward more renewable energy, helping us reach our firmwide goal and beyond. 


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