Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work

Dharmendra Sahay and Arun Shastri


Artificial intelligence isn’t a new concept. It has been discussed and experimented with for decades, but it’s only now that we are able to derive AI’s benefits. Many pharma companies are already using AI to drive R&D efforts and inform clinical decision-making. Others are dabbling with AI to determine where it might be most useful. Pharma is a data-rich industry, and AI can help sales and marketing teams derive great value from that data, using it to develop and strengthen meaningful relationships with their customers. This e-book will address:

  • Understanding the roles that AI can play
  • How AI can drive commercial effectiveness in pharma
  • Organizational transformation that will foster the successful adoption of AI technologies

ZS’s Dharmendra Sahay and Arun Shastri talk to BioPharma Dive about how AI can transform pharma’s commercial operations.

About the Experts

Dharmendra Sahay

Managing Principal and leader of integrated analytics solutions

Sahay has more than 27 years of experience in the healthcare industry, helping multiple organizations develop commercial strategies and improve commercial effectiveness through analytics and technology solutions. Sahay has worked extensively with clients on large analytics programs, system implementations and various innovations at the intersection of technology and analytics, designed to drive pragmatic business impact.

Arun Shastri

Managing Principal and leader of integrated analytics solutions for non-healthcare sectors

Arun has more than 20 years of experience working with data and analytics. He provides strategy and advisory services, helping them build their analytics capabilities and leverage their data and analytics for greater commercial effectiveness. He currently works with clients on a broad range of analytics needs that span multiple industries, including insurance, asset management, travel and transportation, pharmaceuticals, high-tech and healthcare.