Value-Based Selling in the Medical Products and<br />Devices Industry


Medical products and device companies are coming to the understanding of many other B2B organizations—not only does value-based selling improve performance, but has become a necessity. As medical product differentiation shrinks and provider budgets tighten, buyers are increasingly focused on economics, not just clinical benefits.

A new study sponsored by ZS, “Value-Based Selling: Achieving Sales Success in the Medical Device, Equipment and Diagnostics Industry,” shows medical products companies that implement a value-based selling approach have larger deal sizes, greater customer retention and greater growth in top-line revenue than companies that don’t use value-based selling.  

ZS Videos: Value-Based Selling in the Medical Products and Devices Industry

Marshall Solem, Managing Principal


ZS Interview: Why Leading Medical Products Companies Value Value-Based Selling


ZS Managing Principal Marshall Solem talks about the study, and how the findings validate the need for medical products companies to embrace value-based selling approaches sooner rather than later.