Behavioral Insights for a Hungry Healthcare Market

Amy Marta, Hensley Evans and Fiona Taylor


Behavioral science—the study of the mind and its processes—shines a new light on the way that everyone makes decisions. ZS recently explored the role of behavioral science in decision-making for Type 2 diabetes patients and doctors, using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. This evidence based study demonstrates the power of applying behavioral science to healthcare decision-making.

By identifying the unconscious biases that influence patients and physicians, marketers can come up with higher-impact strategies and tactics to overcome some of the most challenging behavioral objectives. Understanding which biases are present and what impact they are having unlocks the opportunity to overcome them.

Read the whitepaper to learn how pharmaceutical marketers can turn biases into better marketing and patient outcomes.

About the Experts

Amy Marta has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and currently leads ZS’s customer insights solution area. She has been responsible for developing the talent and capabilities to uncover relevant and actionable insights that will inform critical commercial decisions.

Hensley Evans is a Principal in ZS’s New York office and is the leader of ZS’s consumer and patient marketing practice. Hensley has worked with many of the world’s top healthcare, biopharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods brands to offer strategic direction and insight.

Fiona Taylor is a Manager in ZS’s Toronto office and the leader of the firm’s global Qualitative Expertise Center. She enables ZS’s teams and clients to uncover deep insights through innovative and traditional qualitative research methodologies, managing a team of 12 qualitative market researchers that support the design and execution of customized research studies.

ZS Experience Room™: Understanding Patient Treatment Decision-Making
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