Impact by the Numbers

The challenge

A large pharma company that’s a market leader in the infectious disease market approached ZS to help reinvigorate its brand portfolio in response to market challenges related to gaps in standard of care and health inequities. In the past, the company used traditional approaches to develop engagement tactics. Yet these lacked the ability and sophistication to truly unlock latent demand, understand the barriers across the patient journey, map these to underlying drivers and design customized interventions for individual geographies. 


The condition treated by this large pharma company’s therapies disproportionately affects communities that experience health inequities. As a result, the company adopted a patient-centric lens to identify underserved patient populations and specific care gaps to unlock barriers to care.


The company aimed to address two primary objectives: 

  • Implement scalable analytics to identify latent demand across U.S. geographies at the ZIP-code level
  • Identify barriers to care gaps and assess opportunities to drive its health equity initiatives

By understanding these barriers, the pharma company could design interventions specifically to address health inequities and disparities, which would:

  • Expand the therapy’s reach by identifying affected hot spots and designing tailored interventions across them
  • Prioritize initiatives through a patient-centric approach by providing marketing, brand, medical science liaisons and key account managers (KAMs) with quick insights for accelerated actioning

The pharma company planned to use these insights to generate awareness and build strategic partnerships with local health partners and government organizations to help with prevention, awareness and treatment support for this condition. As part of its strategy, the company supports multiple health equity programs to help patients in communities affected by this condition and to address inequities in communities across the U.S.

The solution

The pharma company leveraged the ZAIDYN Care Gaps and Health Equity solutions, from the ZAIDYN Health Insights solution suite, to help develop targeted interventions across commercial and health equity engagements to identify impacted hot spots across disproportionately affected communities. The company valued the ZAIDYN Care Gap and Health Equity solutions’ ability to identify latent demand, barriers to care gaps and social drivers of health (SDOH) segments across geographies in an efficient, scalable way.


Backed by scalable data engineering and advanced analytics modules, it generates insights in the form of intuitive visualizations. These insights are based on a combination of patient-level data as well as socioeconomic data at the local level. The application is currently deployed for the U.S. market, but based on the availability of data, it can be deployed across other geographies as needed. The company also has the option to refresh the data and review changes in the disease landscape after acting on hot spots with care gaps. 


Our implementation of the ZAIDYN Care Gap and Health Equity solutions allowed the pharma company to move from data to insights within a span of just a few weeks. Current users include the pharma company’s insights and analytics team as well as its health equity team. The insights it provides can expand to apply to a broad set of stakeholders including the pharma company’s brand team, marketing team, its KAMs and its field team.


Using the product, the pharma company can generate these insights:


Care gap deep dive

  • Assess various care gaps in the market and the patient opportunity across each
  • Identify the top impacted geographies and healthcare providers, as well as demographic details on the selected care-gap-impacted patient population

Systemic barriers

  • Identify various clinical and SDOH barriers, as well as their impact on specific care gaps

Patient segments

  • Identify differentiated geo archetypes, their distribution and quantification, and corresponding patient profiles

Provider insights

  • Identify key accounts and healthcare providers interacting with care-gap-affected patients who need partnership to drive better health outcomes
  • Assess the account and healthcare provider dossier to understand its geographic distribution, profile and key barriers across each 

The results

The large pharma company valued how user friendly the solution is for its end users to navigate the visualization modules and to explore insights. The client brainstormed with ZS about how the various insights can cater to individual business use case needs across stakeholder personas, including commercial, medical, KAMs and more. The solution’s user guide can be leveraged by various stakeholders across the organization for developing patient-centric growth and enhanced health outcome strategies. The ZAIDYN Care Gap and Health Equity solutions make insights available at the click of a button while offering a deep dive into individual geographies of interest.


The company was able to scale up beyond its use of market research and generate quick insights across geographies. Our solution combines strong real-world data expertise and the ability to integrate data insights with market nuances, delivering the business insights the pharma company required. 


By choosing the ZAIDYN Care Gap and Health Equity solutions, the company was able to inform its health equity initiatives and engage with disadvantaged patient communities to drive outcomes. The large pharma company could use these insights to collaborate with local health partners to drive care strategy, getting patients on this treatment by raising awareness and enhancing its patient support programs. By identifying barriers to care, it addressed health disparities and helped extend the impact of its therapies to communities disproportionately affected by the condition it treats. Not only did this drive value in the community, but it also strengthened the company’s position as a trusted leader in delivering quality care.

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