The challenge

A national health plan was encumbered by a poorly defined sales planning process, which had led to data silos and inconsistencies across geographies. The situation had become an obstacle to effective sales planning and execution.

The solution

  • Immersion: ZS collaborated with sales leadership to understand the organization’s unique considerations and capabilities as well as its existing sales strategy.

  • Prototyping: ZS worked to rapidly develop role-specific sales tools, ensuring adequate time for multiple rounds of feedback from both sales and operations teams. 

  • Launch: The final products were introduced to the field through a collaborative effort between ZS and the client that included delivering presentations to sales leadership, providing support within the data system, and hosting informational office hours. 

The impact

  • Consistency: Best practices from across markets are now centrally documented, tested and incorporated into the organization’s approach for winning and retaining groups.

  • Greater focus on goals: The sales team has been empowered to quantify their goals and think tactically about how they might achieve them.

  • Streamlined processes: Stakeholders spend less time tracking down information from numerous systems and more time focusing on strategic priorities.

  • Excitement: The entire sales organization professed that the solutions had brought a renewed sense of energy, direction and belief in the opportunities ahead of them.