ZS is a management consulting and technology firm focused on transforming global healthcare and beyond. We leverage our leading-edge analytics, plus the power of data, science and products to help our clients make more intelligent decisions, deliver innovative solutions and improve outcomes for all. Founded in 1983, ZS has more than 12,000 employees in 35 offices worldwide.

With ZS, clients have a partner committed to getting it right the first time. We work side by side with clients at every stage to get to the heart of their problem. For more than 35 years, we’ve learned from each success, and we apply our passion to help customers win and grow. Our core differentiators include:

  • Deep industry expertise: ZS leads the way in combining science and hands-on experience to solve the toughest business challenges.
  • Analytics and technology: ZS uses leading-edge analytics and builds robust software solutions to solve clients’ challenges.
  • Solutions that work: It’s about results, not just ideas, so ZS doesn’t stop until the solution works for our clients.

ZS delivers its services and solutions to seven industries via our five capability groups.


ZS dominates in life sciences, where the firm began:

  • Pharmaceuticals and biotech
  • Medical technology
  • Health plans

ZS has deep expertise in other industries as well:

  • Financial services
  • High-tech and telecommunications
  • Industrials and business services
  • Private equity
  • Travel and hospitality

ZS helps clients with everything from discovery through to commercialization, with the strategy, analytics and technology to enable it. Core areas of expertise include:


Strategy and transformation: New competition, changing market dynamics and limitless ways to leverage data introduce new opportunity and complexity into organizations’ business strategies. ZS works with clients to analyze their business’s needs, reinvigorate organizational strategy, transform their business and improve performance to deliver lasting value.


Technology, analytics and operations: A digitally oriented business and data-driven decision-making are no longer differentiators on their own. On-demand access to the right data and analytics can be a game changer—if you’re prepared to take advantage of it. ZS provides a broad suite of technology services to help companies reengineer their information strategy by better integrating and operationalizing analytics to drive value at scale, saving companies time and money, while improving employee and customer satisfaction.


AI and data science: It’s no longer a question whether companies should leverage advanced analytics to make improved business decisions. Instead, companies need to figure out how to leverage advanced analytics to transform the way they work. ZS brings together artificial intelligence and machine learning with user-centered design and decades of domain expertise to help companies generate actionable customer insights, make more informed commercial decisions and automate tactics—all aimed at improving business performance.


R&D and medical: While life sciences innovation has delivered significant improvement in patient outcomes, the costs and time to develop new products continue to increase while the commercial success of these products has become more elusive. ZS brings business impact to the science of R&D by helping organizations become more cost-effective in how they develop new products. Our teams also help clients increase the value of their products through stronger real-world evidence and increase their customers’ knowledge of the therapies through greater scientific engagement and collaboration.


Early commercialization: Developing new products assumes a level of risk and cost, yet innovation is key to remaining competitive and profitable. ZS partners with clients to understand where to invest by developing successful portfolio strategies and build working hand-inhand with clients to build strategic business development, licensing and launch plans to ensure your commercialization strategy is solid from the start.


Product value and evidence: Not only must companies price their products effectively, but they must also ensure that their new product’s value is proven and can be effectively measured and communicated. In complex markets like life sciences, this problem is compounded by increasing regulations, economic pressures and the need to provide real world evidence. ZS brings together a unique combination of expertise, multidisciplinary approaches to value, structured frameworks, and analytics to help companies across industries achieve commercial success in a rapidly changing environment.


Marketing: Information overload forces customers to tune out messages unless they are targeted and relevant. ZS’s marketing solutions help organizations better understand their customers and therefore target customers more accurately and effectively. By applying AI and machine learning to customer data, we help uncover relevant insights and strategic next steps that guide compelling messages for growth. The result is delivering the right message at the right time, and in channels that your customers prefer.


Customer experience: Orchestrating the right experience is a formidable challenge. It includes everything from identifying key audiences amid a complex and changing stakeholder landscape to mapping out a customer journey that, touchpoint by touchpoint, addresses customers’ needs and preferences. In industries such as life sciences, it’s increasingly challenging because patients often are the final decision maker. ZS works together with our clients to understand, prioritize and shape the delivery of the customer and patient experience.


Sales and commercialization: To stay competitive, companies need to create a more integrated go-to-market model to attract, compensate and train the best talent, while ensuring that they utilize an agile approach to align the field strategically to meet evolving customer needs at a local level. ZS has decades of experience helping companies cultivate the right mix of roles and skills to meet their business objectives, optimize their resource allocation, deliver on customer value, and deploy sales compensation techniques that motivate salespeople and promote desired changes in behavior. We help clients increase their commercial teams’ effectiveness and, ultimately, improve market share and maximize profit.

ZAIDYN by ZS is a platform for life sciences companies of all sizes to digitally transform and scale customer engagement, field performance, analytics and clinical capabilities. 


ZAIDYN delivers through intelligent business applications, the power of a self-learning network and a ready-to-use library of algorithms. The platform integrates with existing technology environments via an open, modular, cloud-based architecture featuring business-ready connectors to third-party data sources, business apps and enterprise systems. 


With ZAIDYN, leaders in business, analytics and technology have more paths to improve the processes that deliver business and patient value. They can: 

  • Drive faster and better decision-making with more insightful, dynamic reporting and analytics 

  • Create personalized experiences to deepen customer relationships 

  • Deploy and guide field teams for more effective support of healthcare markets 

  • Spark digital learning for greater speed to value in business model transformation efforts  

  • Ready company infrastructure for the future of digital clinical trial design and monitoring  

ZAIDYN builds on ZS’s existing portfolio of products and encapsulates over 35 years of industry expertise. More than 130 companies already use ZS’s products to drive business decisions, and over 100,000 pharmaceutical field reps worldwide use ZS insights to engage their customers. 

ZS Cares: Integrity, ethics and respect underscore our business, procurement and people practices. We aim to reduce our footprint on the environment by making more efficient use of our physical space, limiting business travel by leveraging technology and working near our clients, and reducing waste. We strive to make a positive difference in the communities where we live and work by using our global capabilities and expertise to partner with local, national and international nonprofit organizations.




Global reach

Offices and operations in more than 30+ cities across North and South America, Europe and Asia.


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